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An increase in rat activity since lockdown due to COVID-19

Since March 2020 started, Pestprooflondon have received increasing enquiries asking questions relating to links between rat infestations and Covid 19, The closure of restaurants and the retreat by humans indoors is having an effect on…
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Rat in pipe

Will rats and mice leave your house come spring? Don't count on it.

With spring approaching, you’ll probably be thinking ahead to when you can spend more time outside after the weather improves. You have a few things to take care of first, however. The severe winter weather…
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The innovation and development of the rat valve

In Europe, rat blockers are already in use and are very successful. Until recently, Britain didn't have legislation in place in dealing with rodents. Now it is legally required that blockers and flaps are used.…
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rat proofing

Are there rats in my drain?

The short answer is, yes! Whilst debate still rages about the veracity of the urban myth that "you're never more than eight feet from a rat" when it comes to the sewers and pipes that…
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Protect your home against rodents in London this winter

Rats can be a year-round problem, but winter is a prime time to experience unwanted visitors in your house. People are often confused about why their property has been targeted, but an infestation has no…
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