Humane pest control, if it works why would you not?


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Pestprooflondon is a company with a pioneering system referred to as proofing using steel mesh and drainage to guarantee the of stopping rodents entering property.

Using new technologies and equipment to enable blocking of nesting and infestations, without the use of harm techniques. If your reading this blog likelihood is you have unwanted guest tormenting you and you are looking for a solution, resolution and this problem solved and if you can do that without hurting this rat, which like a house hold dog is still a mammal!

We ask, why would you not take the kinder option?

What is the historic model:

Poison, sticky traps and back breaker traps are the historic method used and still to this day are providing just a temporary action to the repeat issue of rodent control. Proofing, a term becoming more popular daily, means to seal off the drainage and external, internal areas that might be compromised and improved by a rodent within a living area. Then you get chewed cables, scratching noises, floors and walls late at night with noises as they progress through the house, loft for nesting , kitchen for feeding.

Rodent behaviour:

You can’t blame rodents for nesting in your home. They are hungry and only trying to survive and find somewhere safe to live. Rats are considered non-seasonal animals and mice can breed all year round, so both species will be on the lookout for somewhere safe and secluded to nest and settle. In winter, they may look for somewhere warm so be extra vigilant in sealing up holes near heaters, walls and other cosy spots. In summer they may nest somewhere cooler, such as under the floors and under decking, very popular for London rats and especially to gain entry whilst still concealed. Either way, rats and mice are some of the most adaptable species.

Mice will nest in covered areas and shred soft materials like cardboard or paper, which is why you often find mice in cluttered areas. Their nests provide shelter from the elements and predators. They can squeeze through a hole about the size of a coin and are excellent climbers and swimmers. This means they can find tiny gaps into your home and wriggle their way to find somewhere secluded to live. They are nocturnal so will be most active during the night. Mice will nest near a food source and can survive with little or no water, so a hidden corner near an open bag of pet food is ideal!

Rats nest as well, but an important difference is that rats burrow its our second most common entry point needing excavation and proofing. Rats have been known to dig extensive burrow systems for nesting and storing food. This means they can dig under buildings and fences and will shred materials to create nests, such as insulation and cardboard They burrow and make nests in hard-to-reach places or covered areas, such as in cavity walls, crawl spaces and under decking. Typically, rats follow the same paths and trails each day and usually stay within 300 feet of their burrow like mice, rats are nocturnal, although there is some evidence that their feeding patterns depend on the availability of food and frequency of disturbance.

The reason we understand this information is combined with our Danish and German steel products we can then determine responsive actions to stop them from entering for good. In Denmark all new properties have the Nordisk TX11 fitted in drainage and this will soon be followed by Germany . VA approved technology within drainage combined with mesh and our multiple blockers and you can now concentrate on day to day, safe in the knowledge that your property has stopped the rodents and the same technology stays with the house or home for good for any new interested parties that might come back in 6 months to try to get back in?

If you have a problem call the most progressive pest control company in the UK and solve your rodent problem with a clear conscience, we are always available to help.

“We can solve your problem, without hurting the rodent, in fact we guarantee it!”

Lee Stewart.CEO PPL