rat proofing


Loft entry is the second most common reported area within domestic houses. Not motivated by feeding, gestating females and nesting are the primary objective.

Rats in lofts can be the most disruptive as the noise is audible whilst trying to sleep, rodents are more active at night and will become more confident in silence, rather than the household noise throughout the day.

Rat loft entry is normally either party wall or through the cavity from drainage defects, sealing a loft is very difficult and requires internal proofing and proofing from external fascias and the adjoining neighbour.

Only a few companies can successfully stop rat entry as the process is complex and lofts are difficult to seal, normally lofts have multiple potential penetrations, gaps, cavity and pipe runs from old water tanks and heating systems.

Internally proofing lofts requires removal of insulation and visual access to the area which in busy lofts with bad access can be difficult. Perforated mesh needs to be fitted any alternative method risks the loft essential air flow, we often see expanding foam which is inadequate.



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Loft proofing is costed per M2 £5.00 (width and length of loft)

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