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Pestprooflondon can humanly seal entry and stop them eating and breeding, which in turn displaces them away from the property to another as they cannot feed and re hydrate and leave.

Mice within domestic properties are often located within kitchen nested in a subfloor or within a loft, they will be 12-24 individuals normally, they will feed themselves just from crumbs within a kitchen and are not often ever seen.

Mice within a natural habitat are primarily nocturnal, they are very common in properties and are defined as a commensal rodent, living within floor voids and lofts, often never stepping outside.

Mouse proofing, which is the blocking or sealing of these emergence mouse holes, is by far the most effective mouse control strategy as it physically stops the mice entering the areas.


With a 12 month guarantee if the mice return, we return without charge.Ultimately whilst the holes are present allowing them the mice to emerge from the building cavities and into our living areas.

Pestprooflondon is one of only a few companies confident enough to provide a 12 month guarantee and the process is without harm.

Mouse pest

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