Are you hearing scratches and noises in the kitchen or loft?

Pest Proof London is a responsible and pioneering London-based pest control company dedicated to treating rats and mice infestations within domestic and commercial properties.

We use the best new technologies and proven methods to conduct our work, providing customers with permanent solutions to their rodent problems that we will guarantee for 12 months.

We are experts in rats, mice and their behaviour. We do not bait or trap or harm the rodents – instead we survey the property and environment and provide a solution by proofing all entry points to guarantee rats will not return.


Rodent issues are stressful, unhygienic and difficult to resolve.

Traditional methods often require multiple visits without a guaranteed conclusion.

Signs can include hearing unusual noises, particularly under the floor and spotting droppings around the kitchen. If you suspect you may have a rat problem, get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can get to work straight away.

The earlier we identify a problem the more efficiently it can be targeted and solved.

We are based in London but have clients across the South East of England including Surrey and Sussex.

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Our team of expert technicians have been trained to deploy only the most efficient solutions to eliminate rodent infestations from your property in a safe and timely fashion.

We understand that rodents can be found in even the most hygienic of properties, infestations are not selective. It starts with a singular entry point which will then be extended to multiple entry points motivated by feeding or nesting.

For more information about this service, please get in touch with our office on 0203 858 9902 to speak with one of our friendly staff.

Trained experts in rat proofing


Pestproof London takes a thorough approach to rat pest control.

Full site survey


We offer a full site survey to identify the type and scale of an infestation. Our team can then decide on which control techniques and products will be required, coming up with a plan of action that we will brief clients about fully during a consultation meeting.

Internal Works


We will look at common entry points and use a range of effective rat flaps and products to prevent rats from accessing the building.

External Works


We will look at the sewer and drainage systems that the rats may use to access your property. To address external issues, we will use cutting-edge Danish and British rat flaps and products to block off entry points used by rats.


Annie McDowall
Annie McDowall
I had a persistent and nasty rat problem under my house, on which we'd built an extension around 20 years ago. I could hear scratching, and there was a smell coming from under the floor. I'd tried various approaches, such as poison and traps, but nothing addressed the source of the problem, and I was hearing more scratching that seemed to be in the walls. Following a recommendation from another pest control company (Miss Catch'em!) I rang Lee at Pestproof London and he said he thought they could help. Kris came to do a thorough survey within a couple of days of my call. He spent about 3 hours putting cameras down drains, looking around the perimeter of the house, looking into the crawl space accessible only through my very messy garage. The verdict was that I had a severe infestation and he could see at least one broken pipe, but thought there might be another way that rats were getting under the property. To my alarm, when he removed the kick boards in my kitchen, it was obvious that rats had penetrated the house. Lee, the boss, looked at Kris's report and warned me that it would not be an easy job or a cheap one, but I knew I'd have to throw some money at it to really solve the problem. It was a horrible job that involved Kris's colleague entering the crawl space under the house, where he sealed the pipe that they knew about, and then discovered a manhole which was the original site of the infestation. Eureka! The men blocked that off, put a high quality non-return valve in the outflow pipe, fixed the rain water pipes so that rats couldn't run up them, sealed the edges of my kitchen with mesh and cement or silicon bond, and left my kitchen clean and neat - and quiet! Kris finished the job this Monday, and I haven't heard any scratching for a couple of days now. He's confident that they found the source of the infestation and fixed it. I'm confident too, and it's a tremendous weight off my shoulders. I really can't praise this company highly enough for their dedication to problem solving, their persistence, reliability, technical know-how and fine customer service. Thank you, Pest Proof London!
When we moved to our new house, we discovered a rat problem. We tried others without success. Lee and his team were able to rat proof the house. The problem was persistent, but they honoured the guarantee and came back during the year until the issue was fully resolved. It's several months now and I am pleased to say the rats seem to be gone. You do get what you pay for!
Lee was really helpful, he took alot of time to understand the sitation and discuss the possible solutions. Really appreciate the advice he gave.
Brenda “Brenda” Day
Brenda “Brenda” Day
On the 03/04/2023 I had a detailed survey completed at my property by this company (Pest Proof) including a CCTV drain survey, in the following two days constant work was completed allowing my home to become 100% Pest Proof. Its hard to express just how grateful I am to Kris (who did the work at the property) and Lee who organised everything therefore giving me total peace of mind, I'm so glad I found you both. Sincere thanks Brenda
Marco Ferrero
Marco Ferrero
Pest Proof London is a very reliable business and I couldn't be happier with their service. They tackle the problem at the root, so rather than exterminating, they entry-proof the property affected, so that mice cannot make their way in again. They also give a one year warranty, meaning they'll keep coming back if the issue persists. Kriss was very professional, kind and thorough, so I highly recommend their service.
Tara *
Tara *
Really great understanding company who did a very detailed survey. Special thanks to Lee and Kristoff. Recommended.
Louise Clark
Louise Clark
We were very impressed by Lee, Kristoff and team. We were keen to use their service as they don't use poison or traps and this appealed for a number of reasons. Their proofing worked instantly and they were friendly, reliable and extremely personable. We would recommend them for proofing of buildings to stop rodents gaining access.
Hussein Daudali
Hussein Daudali
Kristoff was amazing, he was able to identify and solve our problems which other pest control companies were not able to. Pest Proof have the right approach of prevention being the best cure, 3 weeks after the visit, we are still have had no further evidence of the issue returning.
Jerrard Mark Latimer
Jerrard Mark Latimer
Pestproof London dealt with our rat and mouse infestation in a thorough, professional manner. Using cutting edge technology and materials they inspected our property with fibre optic cameras analysing the resultant images to establish the best protection system. This was then installed by two of the most professional, thorough and considerate tradesmen I have ever dealt with. Kristoff and Palek: thanks so much. Without killing or harming a single animal, we've got the privacy of our house back. Amazing!!!


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If you require rat proofing in London, please get in touch with us today. One of our trained staff members will be able to talk you through the next steps.

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    If you require rat proofing in London, please get in touch with us today. One of our trained staff members will be able to talk you through the next steps.