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Pest Proof London is a responsible and pioneering pest control company dedicated to treating rats and mice infestations within domestic and commercial properties.

We do not harm rodents.

We use the best new technologies and proven methods to conduct our work, providing customers with permanent solutions to their rodent problems that we will guarantee for 12 months.

We are experts in rats, mice and their behaviour. We do not bait or trap, instead we survey the property and environment, to provide a solution by proofing all entry points to guarantee rats will not return.

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Rodent issues are stressful, unhygienic, and difficult to resolve.

Traditional method’s are multiple visits without a guaranteed conclusion.

Signs can include hearing unusual noises, particularly under the floor, and spotting droppings around the kitchen. If you suspect you may have a rat problem, get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can get to work straight away.

The earlier we identify a problem the more efficiently it can be targeted and solved.

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Traditionally, rat-proofing London-wide has involved using reactive methods, such as laying poison or traps, requiring multiple site visits without a guaranteed resolution.

This does not always address the pest issues at their source, and re-infestation may occur.

Pest Proof London looks beyond these outdated techniques to ensure that our clients can enjoy work and home environments permanently free from rodents. Indeed, we understand that effective rodent control involves several specialist measures such as conducting surveys, proofing the area, habitat manipulation, and a number of other powerful control techniques.


Our team of expert technicians


Our team of expert technicians have been trained to deploy only the most efficient solutions to eliminate rodent infestations from your property in a safe and timely fashion.

We understand that rodents can be found in even the most hygienic of properties, infestations are not selective. It starts with a singular entry point which will then be extended to multiple entry points motivated by feeding or nesting.

For more information about this service, please get in touch with our office on 020 3858 9902 to speak with one of our friendly staff.

Pestproof London takes a thorough approach to rat pest control.

Full site survey

We offer a full site survey to identify the type and scale of an infestation. Our team can then decide on which control techniques and products will be required, coming up with a plan of action that we will brief clients on fully during a consultation meeting.

Internal Works

We will look at common entry points and use a range of effective rat flaps and products to prevent rats from accessing the building.

External Works

We will look at the sewer and drainage systems that the rats may use to access your property. To address external issues, we will use cutting-edge Danish and British rat flaps and products to block off entry points used by rats.


Pest Proof London
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Peter Schot
Peter Schot
10:03 23 Jan 20
I had a small rat problem with one of my properties in London, and found Pest Proof online. They where quick to attend, and it seems like the problem has been completely cleared up, I now have happy tenants again!
Lily May Reeves
Lily May Reeves
15:58 16 Jan 20
Thank you pestpooflondon for resolving a prolonged and difficult rat infestation, we have been trouble free now since you attended. Highly recommended if you want your problem solved !!
Neill Gardiner
Neill Gardiner
14:30 16 Jan 20
Excellent company to deal with, I was a little embarrassed when I contacted them, they made me feel at ease immediately. The problem was handled quickly and effectively - Thanks Pestprooflondon!!
22:00 14 Jan 20
I usually do not write reviews but my experience with Pest Proof London is worthy. Would highly recommend this company. They provided excellent customer service and I was very satisfied with their work. Everything happened professionally and respectfully. I called them for a rodent problem that I had and they took great care of resolving the problem. Hopefully I won't have to call them over for the same pest problem, but at least if I do have the problem, I know who to call!
David Wells
David Wells
19:40 14 Jan 20
I am a first time reviewer but feel compelled to thank pestprooflondon for there recent works.After trialling numerous alternative route to stop rats within my house it has finally been resolved now for good.From first call, to survey then the extensive works by pestproofs engineers, I can’t thank them enough!!
Andy Wickenden
Andy Wickenden
11:33 10 Jan 20
Great service and quick response. I had an issue with rats at the side of my property. Turned out they were coming from the sewer through the waste and out of a man hole in the alleyway. This was quickly and effectively resolved with a flap they installed in the pipe. No rats since Pest Proof London visited.
Paul Farrelly
Paul Farrelly
07:07 29 Oct 19
First class service and staff. Problem dealt with quickly and efficiently.
Laura Vidal
Laura Vidal
09:15 28 Oct 19
Really happy with the service provided. Very efficient and professional staff and the price was reasonable. We had tried a few other companies previously but no one had stopped our problem until Pest Proof London came out. Very happy to recommend this company.
Sebastian Dawson
Sebastian Dawson
19:34 17 Oct 19
Fast, efficient and knowledgeable. Dealt with our issues very professionally. Highly recommend.
Emily Maher
Emily Maher
12:54 12 Oct 19
We had rats within the ceilings of our rental property in Clapham. After many failures with alternative companies poisoning the rats, we used Pest Proof London. Fortunately, the different methods they used were successful and we no longer have this problem. I cannot thank you enough. Highly recommend!
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