Rat Poison


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Reason poison fails:

When you suspect a rodent infestation be it mice or rats, reaching for the rat poison seems like the first logical choice for getting rid of the unwanted houseguests. The problem with using rat poison is that the dying rodents likely remain in your home, we often get calls to remove them as the householder can both smell and have flies in winter. That carcasses produces an unbearable stench that can infiltrate your entire home. Finding and eliminating rat carcasses can be difficult, we have the same cameras we use for surveys and sometimes can remove some but not all.

Rat poison

The other problem with dead rats in your home is the potential for additional infestation. Maggots often feed on the carcasses. Other rats may also feed on them. Even though you eliminated some of the rats, you may continue to have a pest infestation in your home.

Then secondary 3 or 4 rats have died, another few may eat the poisoned rats and die themselves but you still have the original entry point and it has there tracking smell, like a wet musk that resemble wax, this normally leads to the drains and the new rats will return vat the exact same entry point. This is the reason regular pest controllers give such short term guarantees and then advise that there poised is trade stronger than what you can buy online, its just simply not true!

Pest control especially poison, is a gym membership continued entry and return visits. Pest control should be about controlling the problem not postponing it with outdated methods. Poison is counterproductive and frankly the past in our opinion. It is perfect for contract work, but does not provide the right result for homeowners that simply want an end to the torment of unwanted rats and mice in the
middle of night chewing on joists and nesting.

How rat poison works:

There are several types of rat poisons, or as they are known professionally, rodenticides. Overall, the purpose of rodenticides is to bait the pests into eating them, causing them to slowly die. Since rats are crafty, commercial companies create palatable poisons to keep them coming back. This is where the sweet tasting and brightly coloured pellets come into play. They are disguised as a tasty treat for the rat, but pack dangerous ingredients.

Rat poisons come with many different ingredients and several different methods to kill rats. Perhaps the most popular (and one of the most cruel) versions are known as anticoagulants. Anticoagulants prevent rats blood from clotting, eventually killing them from within. Depending on the concentration of the poison, the rat can experience symptoms for days or die within one day of consumption.

Of course, the effectiveness of poison depends on a number of factors. For instance, you have to place the poison where you notice signs of rodents. If you don’t place them in familiar places, it’s unlikely they’ll even be able to find the bait. Chances are something eventually will. If you choose to use poison, it’s vital to keep a close eye on the pellets you lay out.

Sometimes, you believe you have a mouse problem Based on its size, a rat can eat more than a mouse. Calculating the proper amount of bait for a rat versus a mouse can also become confusing — especially with multiple pests.

Our survey:

We survey and look at the property and the drains. Often redundant inlets are a common cause where extensions have builders sealing old waste pipes with plastic bags, concerned only with a smell and not thinking rodent, this leads to the property walls and cavities.

Internal proofing.

From there the rat will persevere and improve the original entry to multiples almost within days, gaining entry to different areas. This is where the internal proofing catches them, even if they pass the drain use alternative route like adjoining properties or burrowing the internal catches them and stops entry.

External proofing.

External proofing is the final stage of sealing which involves both drainage and the external wall of the property, lintel bridges often have gaps, manholes often poorly built have entry points and finally the soft clay original drains easy for the strong from incisor of a rat. We use the best mesh and seal every weakness.