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Who we are

NADC Pest Control Company London

Pest Proof London is a reliable and innovative pest control company working with homeowners, landlords and businesses across London, Surrey and Sussex to provide effective and long lasting, humane pest control solutions.

We have an experienced team of specialist tradesmen, who are able to undertake jobs of all sizes and descriptions.

From drainage to NADC Pest Control London

Our original remit was drainage, working on basement and building conversions in the London area. In 2012, we identified products specific to rodent control and sought to understand their operation and physical abilities. Since then we have been involved in testing our products thoroughly in all sorts of environments and we continue to invest in exploring newer options.

We started out covering London but now also work in Surrey and Sussex.

Pest Control Products

We install products for the British sewer system, focusing on the area of approved rat blockers and rat control devices, combined with access blocking within the external and internal building fabric. These are Danish, German, and British products which have been tested for durability and enable us to design a successful pest control programme.


If you require rat proofing in London, please get in touch with us today. One of our trained staff members will be able to talk you through the next steps.

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