Will rats and mice leave your house come spring? Don’t count on it.


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With spring approaching, you’ll probably be thinking ahead to when you can spend more time outside after the weather improves. You may have a few things to take care of first, however. The severe winter weather may have coaxed mice inside your home, as they seek refuge from the cold. You may have been hoping they vacate of their own free will but, unfortunately, that’s unlikely to happen. Here’s why.

Rodents look for somewhere warm in winter

Mice, rats and other small creatures will look for somewhere warm to shelter when the temperature drops. They search out the perfect location to spend the colder months. Their main goal is to avoid being stuck outside in the harsh winter conditions.

As a homeowner, you may notice signs; such as chewed up packaging, partially eaten food or droppings. Other than setting traps, you might not do much to deter them. winter doesn’t last forever, so you tell yourself the problem will go away in the spring.

They probably won’t leave

You could be wrong. If you haven’t sealed off the access points in your home, pests can leave and return whenever they like. Even if they go outside during the day, they could get back in at night, when the temperature drops. They won’t choose to leave forever, not when there’s somewhere warmer than the outdoors for them to sleep. Rodents like their home comforts like we all do!

Springtime tends to be breeding season, even though mice can and will breed throughout the year. Spring and fall are the busiest reproductive seasons. Baby mice develop quickly and also start breeding. By not calling seeking professional help, you could be making your existing mouse problem much worse.

Contact a professional pest service today

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Mice won’t leave in the spring and won’t choose to leave their young, so seek professional help before they breed. They can pass on diseases and chew through wires, potentially causing fires and putting you and your family at risk.

The only way to guarantee they leave your home is to contact a professional rodent removal service. We offer permanent, humane solutions for both rat and mice pest control in London, Surrey and Sussex – get in touch now, for more information on the services we offer. We are an NADC pest control member.