Are there rats in my drain?


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The short answer is, yes! Whilst debate still rages about the veracity of the urban myth that “you’re never more than eight feet from a rat” when it comes to the sewers and pipes that flow around and under your property, it’s almost 100% certain that rats will be in residence. For the average rat, the sewer system is the perfect residence, a comfortable nest in your home to raise young in peace and quiet (along with taking advantage of any spare food you might have lying around)! Take a look at why rats love your sewers and how they can use them as a springboard to enter your home and hole up.

Sewers: the perfect rat location

Rats in drains

Warm (think protected from the elements and with a regular temperature top-up from shower water and water from your washing machine), dark (rats are nocturnal and thrive in darkness) and full of food (whatever you wash down your sink or waste disposal ends up in the sewer – a rat banquet!), sewers are a fantastic place for rats to thrive. Because there are no natural predators down in the sewers, the rats are free to breed for as long as the food supply holds out! So why do they leave? Sewers are subject to water level fluctuations, which can make it tricky to establish a nest and raise young. For this reason, rats are happy to leave the sewer and camp out in your home.

How do rats get indoors?

Highly flexible and with many able to get through gaps which are only a couple of centimetres wide, rats are natural adventurers. They are strong swimmers and can hold their breath underwater, enabling them to bypass U bends and similar old-fashioned rat deterrents with ease. Once in a house, they will seek out a quiet space in the roof or wall and start nesting!

Are you concerned about rats in the house?

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